The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Galentine’s Day

Today I heard is supposed to be Galentine’s Day I guess similar to Friendsgiving a new twist on old Holidays. I guess any way of celebrating friendship is a good day. We should cherish our friends everyday for adding to our lives. My best friend moved farther away but we find ways of getting together or just chatting through the internet. Reach out to your friends and thank them for being in yours. Happy Galentine’s Day

Enter Contests

Finding interesting inexpensive things to do can be a challenge but one way to go is to enter contests. Radio, TV, stores and even through search engines such as Bing Microsoft Rewards every search earns you points to enter sweepstakes for computers or even to donate to a charity. Explore media websites and even author sites or Facebook pages for contests and follow news of their new projects. I follow Ashley Farley’s Facebook page and won a free Audible ebook for playing a game at Christmas and a small Christmas spatula. Fun and rewarding. Just a few tips for today.

Secret Mall Operative

Man in Black

Sunny but chilling Sunday morning around 10 am Sean unlocked the last Westside Mall door a routine he did thousands of times. He noticed a black Ford F150 truck with an Army sticker on the side window which seemed odd and the reason he noticed. He thought to go check it out but thought it’s 32 degrees and for North Carolina that is cold. He went on his way to check on his assigned stores to check that they are securely open.
Walking down the hallway he came to the first store a small book store Charles the book store owner was by himself until Sheri his young helper arrives at 11am. Charles offered Sean a coffee from his Keurig machine he had to show appreciation for his customers. Sean waved his hand indicating no thanks. He had his Tablet he turned it towards Charles and handed him the stylus so he could put a check in mark showing Sean had stopped by.
Sean left the store and almost ran into the bald man with black combat boots, jeans, shirt with a black and grey flag with it looked like a smeared skull he recalled seeing on Seal Team the other night. He said sorry and kept going but after the man went in the store Sean thought he should stick around the man also had a long leather coat that Sean briefly saw a shiny object inside of the coat and on the man’s black jeans near his waistline. He would just observe from the center of the wing of the Mall to be safe. He sent a quick 911 into the phone to the security room to make sure cameras were observing in the bookstore as well.
It was only 10:20 am what a start to a quiet Sunday. When sending 911 it also notifies the Madison police a suburban department. They are on their way to assist.

The Observations and Action

Sean kept watching the bookstore and thought in his mind how to precede. He had only briefly been trained in surveillance and was figuring out the best way to approach this situation. He texted the office to pull up the security footage to see if they got a clear look at him on camera to see if can find an identity of the stranger. He got a text with a picture of the mysterious man in black. He told his colleague to forward to the town police and they can use their resources to track down an identity.

Meanwhile, observing the store the man was walking aimlessly in the average size store through the racks. He was no really looking at the shelves but weaved in and out. Sean decided to go in he had seen that the man was starting to twitch a little and reached slowly to grab the gun in his waistband holder. What triggered him and what was his motive. The man swiveled quickly around and was drawing his gun on the manager. Sean dialed 911 for real on cellphone he needed backup. The manager had his back to the man looking at his bookkeeping program on the computer behind the desk. Sean walked in and got closer to the mystery man.

He felt the vibration on his phone and glanced down to see a black and white photo of the man with the gun robbing another Mall in South Carolina the day before which did not end well. Sirens blared and police started coming in the entrance opened by Sean at 10 am. Boots hitting the mall floor closer and closer to the store’s open door telling the man to put down the gun and this can be over without anyone hurt.

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Family life vs. Career

Today many forty something’s deal with having a career and balancing their lifestyle either with family or friends, dating later in life, hobbies or career change. Balancing them is tough.

How do you balance needing a paycheck and needing quality time with your husband, children, older parents or longtime friends?

Share your thoughts with me.

Winter Has Arrived

“Robert Frost Quotes. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

Today was a day of laundry, grocery shopping and rest late into the morning. Winter can be a tiring season and this year it came later but you feel the difference. The excitement of the holidays is over and finding distractions helps through the season.

Find a hobby, book, project and push to get out of the house is my advice. Create celebrations in your life. Just some quick tips to go to your “woods” so you can go “miles to go before you sleep”.

January Spring

Today in Cleveland, Ohio we started the day with thunderstorms and lightening which is unusual with winter. We are used to below zero periods called Polar Vortexes but this year am experiencing a bit of spring. Yesterday it was a high of 52 degrees.

My journey to today has been building since October of 2017 when my anxiety got the best of my life and I started this path to the here and now. In June I turned 48 and had some relationship messes. My goal for this blog is to share womantalk, my word creation. We always hear of girl-talk but at 48 we should be doing womantalk. We will explore together our experiences and build each other up.

New Medical World

This morning I had the pleasure of taking my 80 year old mother to her geriatric specialist for a follow-up appointment. She has many issues and my siblings and I are trying to help navigate the system. We had an eventful 2018 with both my parents but in August the focus turned from Dad to Mom.

Since then we are getting more involved in the care she receives but allowing her the freedom to choose for herself.

My observation is that healthcare is changing and many may be left behind in this journey. New locations, new procedures, restrictions all hard for even young people to maneuver add in technological breakthroughs that are supposed to make things easier create barriers for Seniors.

Today I learned of a new healthcare option Oak Street Health which is trying to capture people wanting personal touches in care. More of a community approach which is needed. This approach may give options to Seniors. Let’s look at how we can help the older generation who has our back through their golden years.